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All our instructors at Mukhi Driving School are fully licensed Driving Instructors approved by the RMS. They are experienced and have knowledge of the local areas. Our Instructors not only prepare you for your practical driving test but place a keen emphasis on safe driving for life! Our aim is to get you to drive with confidence

It totally depends on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and the most practical way to learn to drive, but every learner is different. After the first couple of lessons, the instructor will give you their professional opinion as to how many lessons you will need in order to pass your practical test.

You will not need as many lessons as a beginner. After the initial assessment lesson, the instructor will have a look at what you already know and can do and also point out what you need to learn to be ready for the practical test. Then they will make a recommendation as to how many lessons you need.

Although you can already drive, to pass the practical test in this country, you need to take driving lessons to get used to the roads here. Also, the standard of driving required to pass your practical test in this country is probably the highest in the world. If you have been driving for a few years, the likelihood is that you have developed bad habits. To pass the practical test you need to correct them. That is where the driving lessons come in. We recommend you take an assessment lesson to begin with, and then take at least one lesson per week to brush up on your skills and get rid of those bad habits. At the same time start preparing for your theory test. There are some links in RMS website to help you with this. Once the theory test is passed, book your practical test and carry on with your lessons until the test date. This way you will probably pass the practical test first time.

Most people take 2-hour lesson but depending in your own circumstances we will do our best to accommodate your request for 1 hour. Though please understand 2 hours gives a better learning experience and will work out cheaper in the long run.

Usually each lesson is only an hour. However we recommend that you book two hour lessons if you are able to, as this way you are more likely to make quicker progress by putting your experiences into practice and therefore passing your test in very little time, saving you a lot of money.

Our driving instructors are trained to teach you theory and practical, ensuring that you receive the best tuition possible. At the end of each driving lesson you and your driving instructor will recap what you have learnt and set an objective of what you will learn during the next lesson as this will help you maintain a steady progress.

Yes, we do offer intensive courses; some learners complete the course in just a couple of weeks. It all depends on the progress of the learner and to get the most of intensive lessons it is best to take the driving test at the end of the intensive session.

Yes, you can and as long as you can drive the car safely then you can hire the instructor’s car for the test. However, there is no guarantee that you will pass the test. Some cut back on lessons to save money. But in the long run, after failing a few tests they realise that it actually costs more. So if you can afford it, try and take the recommended amount of lessons before your test as this way you will stand a better chance of passing it first time.

There is no exact figure as to how many driving lessons you will need, as this varies from person to person and their driving skills and learning abilities. After taking a few professional lessons from your instructor, your instructor will be able to tell you how much more training you need to gain based on your current driving skills.

Yes! Our Instructors at Mukhi Driving School are flexible in their working hours and are able to offer evening and weekend lessons if required.

If enough notification is given, our Instructors are usually able to collect and drop you at different destinations (within reason). Your lesson time is not usually affected as a result.

Yes! Our Instructors are able to offer a refresher lesson or course of lessons to individuals who have passed their practical driving test but may be short of confidence or in need of additional tuition in one or more areas. Refresher lessons are also particularly useful to drivers who have not driven for a while or to those who may need some advice or correction of current driving habits.

All of our drivers are fully qualified Instructors who are able to offer FREE theory test advice and assistance to pupils. Ask your Instructor for more help and information or visit

Currently Mukhi Driving School has cars with automatic transmission.

Yes, all our vehicles are fitted with dual controls and we take extra care to make sure you are safe while learning to drive.

Because driving is a life-skill that is developed on an individual basis, the amount of time it takes to learn to the required RMS test standard will vary from one pupil to another. Our instructors at are fully qualified and know what it takes to attain the required test standard. Our Instructors at Mukhi Driving School are trained to teach and guide to the preferred teaching methods that have been laid out by the RMS and are therefore well trained to prepare individuals for their driving test.

Before you start taking driving lessons, you must have a current and valid Learner driving licence.

You may refer to the official website and get the latest information there. Here is the URL:

You must be at least 16 years old before you can apply for a car driver licence in Australia.

Yes, All Mukhi Driving school instructors are licensed by the RMS so we do offer 3 for 1 lesson.

You can, as long as it complies with RTA regulations for learner vehicles. Please click on this link to get more information.

Yes, All Mukhi Driving school instructors are licensed by the RMS so we do offer 3 for 1 lesson.

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